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Airbrush & Pinstripe Master


Zach is a true master of his craft. With the experience and portfolio to back it up, Zach creates incredible hand painted designs and is a true asset to the Auto Arts family setting us apart from the competition. Here is a time lapse video of one a recent project giving you an inside look at his process!

Zach has been honing his skills as an artist from a very early age. Always exploring and relentlessly practicing new ways & mediums to express his creativity. In High School, he found his calling in the art of airbrushing, which led his passion into a career as a Graphic Artist. In 2002 Zach begin working at Big Dog Motorcycles in Wichita, KS. There he sharpened his skills & became proficient at graphic layouts. In 2004 after his move to NC, Zach continued following his dreams and passions delivering hundreds of masterpieces working from his personal studio. Now with 13 years experience in the custom paint world, specializing in Airbrush, Pin-striping, Lettering, and Gold Leafing, he begins a new chapter with the Auto Arts Family.