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BORN IN 2006

Gone are the days of not being able to trust a shop with your car, we offer a honest and safe environment where you can relax and be assured your project will go smooth. We specialize in creating quality custom paint and body work on motorcycles, cars, boats, RV’s, golf carts, commercial vehicles, or anything you would like to see turned into a work of art.

When it comes to quality service and workmanship, you will not be disappointed with our staff. We have established one of the best reputations in the Triangle area and fully intend to follow that up with the best reputation on the East Coast. Each ride that enters our studio becomes a part of the Auto Arts family and is treated like one of our own. No detail is over looked and it will show when it leaves our studio.


Words can not describe my delight with their work! I could not be more pleased with the “Ghost Flame” work their team did on my jeep. It is not only the work of an artist but clearly demonstrates talent and passion. I wish I could play recordings of the comments I have received, it is truly more than I could have ever imagined! In fact, every bit of the custom work these guys performed for me is not equal to BUT BETTER than any of the work I have witnessed on the West Coast! Their attention to detail along with their ability to translate a customers words and dreams into a reality is amazing! Michael is an amazing artist and humble and his team is as well, a true sign of leadership and a rarity in the custom auto industry. The reactions I get from others are priceless..These guys are the best!

Ralf, Raleigh, NC

Anyone considering getting work done at Auto Arts should be fully prepared to get the best results you have ever imagined. I have been waiting years to get the work done that Mike and his team have been able to accomplish at this shop. The first time I arrived I told Mike and the team all the things I wanted to be done to my car and explained how it was always a dream of mine…..Mike turned and pointed to a wall where it says,”From dreams to reality..” A true statement if you bring your car to these guys. The attention to every minimal detail, original craftsmanship ,and professionalism at this shop is unmatched by any shop I have seen in the country. These guys have changed my life with their work, and I will continue to have them make my car dreams become a reality.

Andrew, Raleigh, NC

I was looking to have some custom paint work done on my car, and Auto Arts was suggested. So, on a Saturday I stopped by without an appointment. I was met by Mike, the owner. He spent the time with me to discuss my thoughts and worked with me on my ideas. He even gave me color books to help with my choices. Two weeks later we finalized the design and the car went in. I stopped by several times during the painting process and was always welcomed in to see what they had done. The end result, Fantastic! They brought my design to life. Bottom line, if you are looking to have custom work done to your car, fab through paint, do not make any commitments without talking to Mike. He will give you the time you and your car need to make it perfect the first time. While they will do routine repairs, this is not an in and out insurance shop. They care about your car and want you to be 100% satisfied. Custom work is what excites them.

Warren, Raleigh, NC

I want to thank all the employees of Auto Arts for the quality of work they performed on my ’61 Ford truck restoration project. The body work and paint turned out way better than expected. Mike and his crew were a great help with their professional advice and attention to detail. The truck came out amazing. All the body panels were painted over a 9 month time frame. As I was able to finish some metal work or find replacement panels, Auto Arts would paint them. The truck was assembled as the painting was going on. You cannot tell that the paint work took place over such a long period of time. This restoration project has been a dream of mine for a long time. They were very committed to helping me complete this truck. I am very thankful for everything Auto Arts did for me and my dream of having a truck like this.

Bolt Gault, Raleigh, NC

Auto Arts Inc. just installed Lambo Doors on my Mustang and it came out AMAZING! Mike was more then helpful on the phone when I first called. I brought the car in Wednesday morning and to my suprise he called me Thursday and said I could come pick it up. A day early and cheaper then he quoted me. Great shop, great service!

Chris Falone, Raleigh, NC

I was referred to Mike by a friend from the Heart of Carolina Mustang Club in 2008. A few months later I went by the shop and shared what some called a radical idea with Mike; painting my 2007 Shelby GT500 flat black. Immediately Mike got this look in his eye and said “I’ve been wanting to do a flat black car for a while.” At that moment I knew I had found the perfect shop to do the laundry list of things I had planned at that time for my Shelby, which has grown over the last three years to include paint, body, and custom fabrication inside the car and out which has turned my car into a rolling showcase to the talents of Mike and the crew at Auto Arts. Mike has become so attuned to my vision that he has been able to improve on some of my ideas for the car and it has turned out better than I ever imagined it could have. To this day, even though I have moved out of state, I will not let anyone but Mike work on my car, even though it means driving over 600 miles each way. When you find the best, why go anywhere else? Every time a friend asks me about paint and body work or I recommend Mike and Auto Arts without hesitation. There is no denying the attention to detail and artistry of Mike’s work.

Greg Green, Florida

I’ve had custom work done on my vehicles for years, however since I met Mike and his crew at Auto Arts 3 years ago, I ‘ve realized that there is no auto body customizer/shop that tops those guys. The staff is always friendly and Mike puts extra emphasis on explaining the process and giving you visuals as to how the completed work will look. On top of that, I don’t know of one shop in the state that you can walk into and get same-day CUSTOM work on your vehicle done, unheard of!! These guys are top knotch, if you need anything done on your vehicle, whether generic body work, or you want to stand out from the crowd, run don’t walk and see Mike and the crew at Auto Arts!!

Number one custom body shop in the area, by kamdigital at Citysearch

They were the only ones in Raleigh who would even attemp to fix my car. My XB has a sick flame burst paint job consuming the entire front end, both quarter panels, and into the doors on each side. After a “fight” with a deer no would even attempt it to restore it. After about a week with Mike at the shop it looks better then it ever did. Also, I was so impressed I brought my Del Sol in for some custom rim work, and custom graphics to the removable top. Bottom line…don’t waste you time with any body else…even if you could find someone with the skills needed for custom grapnics…this shop rocks! Also, super professional. Enjoyed getting to know Mike.

They Rock, by jayrboriotti at Citysearch

Auto Arts has once again made my dreams become a reality! I recently had an unfortanate accident and Auto Arts made sure my car look prestine once again. They took my car in, beat up and battered, and fixed it back up to look like better than ever. Their unbelievable techniques, skills, and craftsmanship come through every time to present unparalleled auto beauty! Thank you again guys, I am now and will always be a life time customer no matter what vehicle I purchase!!!!!

Pros: EVERYTHING, GREAT STAFF, Professional, Great custom work!!

Best custom auto shop in NC, By Andrew Esposito at Citysearch

I wanted a custom paint job for my Dodge Challenger engine cover. I called Mike up on a Saturday and he arranged to meet with me the same day. He took the time to listen to what I wanted and even after I made some last minute change requests, he and his team were able to produce one of the best custom paint jobs, with flames, lettering, etc., I have ever seen. I’m a perfectionist and the work he and his team produced is top quality and was delivered by the arranged time. Everyone at the shop treated you like family and was a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Auto Arts Inc. for any auto projects you might have.

Great Work!!!!, by SeanS416 at Citysearch

This has got to be the best place to get just about anything done with your vehicle. The staff there has a lot of experience and knowledge to make your vehicle a superb ride. You can take them any vehicle no matter how difficult it is and ask them for advice and you will be extremely satisfied with the outcome. A lot of thing that makes me proud to do business there is the guys will do there best to satisfy your car needs. Even if its after hours they will sacrifice there time to make sure you’re taken care of. Thank you to the staff at Auto Arts for your great job and your dedication to the arts. You set a very high standard that can not be touched by anyone else..

Ernesto Williams,

My husband and I have used Auto Arts many times, both for custom body work and general body repair. Each time resulted in an outstanding experience and complete satisfaction with their work. The staff is customer-minded, conscientious, detail-oriented, friendly, knowledgeable, intelligent, etc. Not only do they KNOW what they are doing, but they CARE about what they are doing and it shows. They treated our projects as if they were their own. I have already referred many friends and family members to Auto Arts and will continue to do so.

Mandy Blonk ,

By FAR the BEST custom body/accessory shop in the Raleigh area, they always live up to my expectations and any issue is quickly resolved. I have personally been doing business with them for years and don’t trust my vehicles with any other body shop. Not to mention some of the best customer service you can ask for at an auto shop. Thank you Mike and Valerie for all the hard work and dedication you guys have and continue to put into every project, love you guys.

Cole Dean,

I have been using Auto Arts from the start of my G37 project. The level of quality work cant be matched, the attention to detail is superb! The proof is in the pudding the car has walked away with top honors at the most elite east coast event Wekfest Best Luxury 2013. If you want quality work then Auto Arts is the place for you…

Christopher Taylor ,

I’m on my third project with this shop. From the conceptual stage, to the final product, they’ve been absolutely amazing. Mike is extremely patient with any questions and ideas you bring him, and Val is super cordial and welcoming behind the desk. Each estimate has been dead on, and all the work has been beyond my expectations. I’ll be back with my next project, and they’re the only ones I trust now.

Theodore Slabotsky,

Auto Arts has completely rebuilt my 2005 Mustang. It looks fantastic and am constantly getting looks. I would not recommend any other shop for custom automobile needs!

David Gurney,

I gave Auto Arts Inc 5 stars because FB doesn’t have 6. These guys and Gal…are some amazing ppl before the business. Not only did I found a great shop but a true set of friends. They got my car and transformed it into something I couldnt imagine myself. They are professional and make sure that you’re 100% happy before you leave their place. I dont think I’m yet to find anyone that can top there custom skills. I actually took my car to Owner, Mike Miles about 12am after a 4.5hr drive to transport it from Charlotte. Hands down a GREAT experience and will always keep these guys on speed dial.

Signing off, Happy Customer

Terrell Harmon,

Mike and his staff always do an awesome job! When you first walk in the shop you are greeted with a smile by Mike’s lovely wife and co-owner Valerie! The staff is always friendly and willing to answer any questions you may have! Stop by and see for yourself the outstanding work done by this team!

Donna B Perry,

Awesome work and service! Mike took care of my first major fab work on my 2014 Jeep SRT. The work looks like it came that way from the factory!

Connell L. Smallwood,

Absolutely amazing work, and Mike helps every step of the way even after you have your car back!

Ian Tobin,

I have had Mike and his team do work for me before, but the job they did on my Shelby was more than what I expected. The fit and finish is beyond excellent and Mike captured what I wanted perfectly and did even more! Can’t think of any other place to get paintwork, in other words, “It just don’t get any Better”!!!! Thanks Mike and your Auto Arts team

Tim Sumner,

Awesome customer service, & very reasonable people that knows there stuff.

Aaron J. Coleman,

For the first time I actually felt like a shop cared about my vehicle more than I do, & there is know better feeling than that Fantastic work would highly recommend

Ryan Bullock ,

Great work, friendly staff and very easy to do business with!!! Looking forward to doing business with y’all in the future.

Ron McNeill ,

AutoArts has done two separate projects for me on two separate jeeps, about a year or so apart. Based on those experiences, I can tell you that this is the way small businesses should be run. It’s as simple as that.
There is no reason–none–that I would even consider taking a vehicle anywhere else for body work. As an example, the first jeep project they did for me was to install a large, heavy set of steel side rails that bolted both to the frame and the side body panels. This was the second set of these side rails to be installed on my jeep, as the first set came imperfect from the manufacturer and the resulting installation had left holes in the body panels that did not align properly with the new, perfect set of side rails. A local specialty “jeep shop” said fixing the body panels such that the new sliders could be installed was going to be “way too hard” and they referred me to AutoArts. AutoArts not only did the job, but they did it promptly and the work was impeccable. And they even came in UNDER budget. When was the last time you agreed to an estimate for anything automotive related and when you showed up to pay they wanted hundreds less than you had agreed to pay? Exactly. I’m sure all of their projects don’t come in under budget, but this is the kind of place that will actually tell you when something went more smoothly than they had expected.
And over a year later, the rails still look perfect. The central fact is that the owners, Mike and Valerie Miles, go above-and-beyond in terms of customer service. They are always looking for the best solution for you, even if that doesn’t really help them. The most recent jeep project I had was another example. They made all sorts of phone calls, investigative work, and administrative work that they had no obligation to make, and the resulting solution for me was perfect. Could not have been better. When it came time to pay for all of that extra above-and-beyond service, I was told to pay “whatever I thought was fair.” I about fell over. In truth, I think I skimped them in retrospect and am going to go back and give them some more money. I’ve got a third jeep project in the pipeline, as my rear bumper took a beating from another vehicle in a recent snowstorm. I have no doubt I’ll go through AutoArts to handle the repair (and probable upgrade). I have yet to have a negative interaction with these folks, and I doubt very much you will either. Of all automotive places I deal with (such as the other ones I use for the “routine” maintenance and repairs of my family’s cars), this is far and away the one I trust the most. I really can’t recommend them highly enough. For what it’s worth, I don’t know the owners personally, nor have they have paid me anything or given me any “freebies” to write this review. I am simply an impressed customer.

Michael Henry,

Always pleased with the work Mike and his company do! VERY personable shop, they love what they do as much as the cars they work on! They do AWESOME work!! One of best things I like about Auto Arts Inc Custom Ride Studio, is their attention to detail! They not only matched the paint on exterior parts, they actually ran the VIN# and got the exact batch# used & time of day the car was painted! The results are seamless & flawless and
it looks like the parts were on the car from the factory!

Clark Webster ,

I have more than a professional relationship with these people. They are like family. The work they have done on my car has been most impressive, and has been commented on my Judges, and other professionals in the business as being one of the best paint jobs they have seen. I am more then Happy with Mike and Valerie, and refer them to all my friends as well as to strangers at car shows. Thank you Mike And Val.

Brian Pataky,

Amazing work! i love what these guy’s can do! defiantly a go to shop for ANYTHING!

Bryan J Quinn ,

Everyone at AutoArts is FANTASTIC! AutoArts took care of my car as if it was their own. From the Owner to the Employees I greatly appreciate all the service. I only went in for Wheels and tires but they made me feel so comfortable about their work that I ended up getting my whole front end done as well as my rear end (bumper cover, headlights, gtr taillights and painted wing). I am a car enthusiast and felt 100% ok with letting everyone at AutoArts work on my car. Not just the owner but the entire team is extremely knowledgeable. They bounced so many fantastic ideas and concepts for my car Which made it an extremely pleasant business experience. I recommend this location to any who are looking for something that you can truly call unique and yours. Nothing but top of the line work!

Jon BlahZay ,

They are very nice to work with….they worked VERY hard to honor my request….and did a phenomenal job!!

Robyn Violette,

I can’t say enough good about the entire experience with Auto-Arts Inc. Recently my Ford F-150 Lightning was in a major accident nearly totaled. The craftsmanship in the repair of this vehicle is off the charts. The vehicle literally looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor. This is not the first time I have used Auto-Arts nor will it be the last time. I highly recommend them! Thank you…

Jeff McCullough, Raleigh, NC

In the day of inferior service and support, we the consumers have become use to “settling” and accustomed to expecting less than desired. Seldom are expectations met, and rarely are they surpassed! Value is perceived as spending less and getting over. Quality tends to take a back seat and is often under-appreciated or considered “over the top”. I want to thank the staff at Auto Arts for the impeccable work performed on my car in our recent visit. I am speechless with the amount of quality and attention to detail exhibited. We are literally blown away by the results. Starting with the consultation of work to be performed, the recommendations and suggestions, the comprehensive communication along the way, and revealing of final results – the entire process is as “good as it gets”! The quality of work is by far; second to none and exceeded all of our expectations! I look forward to continuing my relationship with Auto Arts Inc, and I am anxious to begin my next project in the upcoming days. With the vision and patience presented by the Staff; those guys are tuly “Artist”.

Doug Teasley

Prior to moving to NC, I attempted to have my motorcycle fairing painted at a half@$$ed shop in Dallas, TX. The resulting work was a disaster. Once I moved to NC, I found Auto Arts Inc. Impressed with the reviews and pictures of their previous work, I contacted the shop and made an appointment to meet with Mike. When I arrived, I met with Mike, Valerie, and Zach. They listened to my ideas and gave me the opportunity to see some projects in the works. With a few specifics laid out for Zach, the rest was up to his creative mind. Mike had his work cut out for him to strip the fairing completely down, prep, and repaint. Five weeks later…my expectations were surpassed with the finished product! The team turned out an awesome paint job…many thanks!! Thanks!!

Brent Hayes,

I love this shop, I love these guys! Honest, Super Talented, Great Pricing and Worldclass Service! I had them restore my 1978 classic Leyland Mini Right Hand Drive and it came out looking gorgeous! Then I went back and had custom paint job done on my Stella, like the old Mod Vespa Scooters and I was blown away again! Wish I could show Yall the photos on here but take my word, no one comes close to their creative talent, friendliness and service, no one!

Alisha Ramsey


We are capable of all kinds of custom body work including extreme fabrication and working with fiber glass! We can deliver anything from a simple color change to a full customization.We are capable of all kinds of custom body work including extreme fabrication and working with fiber glass!

We can deliver anything from a simple color change to a full customization. In our studio, your options are always a big as your dreams.



Mike Miles

“We get up everyday and come into the studio ready to do what we love. We are family around here and that includes our customers. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a BIG SMILE on someone’s face because we just blew their mind with craftsmanship.”

Mike, started while in High School training to become an auto body tech. After school he became employed at Paragon Collision Center in Raleigh where he spent the next 10 years learning from some of the best in the industry. In 2006, after 15 years of experience he opened Auto Arts Inc., with a focus on customization and quality.

He has opened up a new world to the Triangle Area that most body shops simply just do not have time for.  Mike has grown the studio into one of the most trusted auto customization hot spots in the area. He personally supervises daily operations and takes a hands on role to ensure that every job leaves the studio meeting the Auto Arts standard. His skills cover all aspects of the custom industry including custom paint, graphics, kandy colors, design, wide bodies, extreme modifications, collision repair, fabrication, welding, metal work, vertical doors, suicide doors, audio, fiberglass, and much much more!

Valerie Miles

“This is not your typical assembly line body shop! You can feel it in the air when you’re in the studio. It’s what we breathe and it flows through our veins. The passion is strong and the desire & dedication radiate off our team.”

Valerie’s passion for cars started as a young girl when she would spend hours in the garage watching & helping her Father & Grandfather re-build Corvettes & Ford Model A’s.  This passion combined with 20 years of business background, strong customer service ethic, and proven leadership ability provides an exceptional addition to Mike’s fresh ideas/concepts on how a Custom Studio should operate.

Valerie plays a hands on role daily to ensure operations run effectively, and works directly with Mike in the coordination of projects, customer satisfaction, and the maintaining of the Auto Arts standard.


Zach Matthews

Zach has been honing his skills as an artist from a very early age. Always exploring and relentlessly practicing new ways & mediums to express his creativity. In High School, he found his calling in the art of airbrushing, which led his passion into a career as a Graphic Artist. In 2002 Zach begin working at Big Dog Motorcycles in Wichita, KS. There he sharpened his skills & became proficient at graphic layouts. In 2004 after his move to NC, Zach continued following his dreams and passions delivering hundreds of masterpieces working from his personal studio. Now with 13 years experience in the custom paint world, specializing in Airbrush, Pin-striping, Lettering, and Gold Leafing, he begins a new chapter with the Auto Arts Family.


Alfred Anzelon

Alfred started with our team in 2013, coming from the Johnson Lexus body shop in Raleigh. He made the decision in 2008 that the automotive industry was where he wanted to be. After taking Automotive Body Classes in High School, Alfred went on to work in the field. It didn’t take long for him to decide that it was time to move into the custom area of the trade. Alfred is currently working under Danny and in the process of broadening his skill. He brings the passion necessary to excel in the trade. Alfred is currently trained in suspension, coil overs, paint prep, wet sanding, buffing, collision repair, exhaust, basic graphics, headliner replacement, and custom painting steering wheels. We are excited to have him on our team and expect him to rise up over the next few years into that top tier in the industry.

Kyla Haraway

Kayla graduated from Wake Forest Rolesville High School in January of 2012. She is currently enrolled at Wake Tech Community College where she has been studying Video Game Design/Graphic Design. She will be taking some Accounting classes next semester and currently functions as an Office Assistant for Auto Arts.

Alex Lancia

Alex brings over 15 year’s experience in automotive repair to the Auto Arts Team with a focus on restorations of American made vehicles from the 20’s to the 90’s. He is a Graduate of NC State 2010 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations. His skillset includes: automotive body work and paint, welding, fabrication, high performance engine/chassis assembly, electrical diagnosis and repair, fiberglass fabrication and repair as well as interior and exterior trim assembly. Alex is a muscle car enthusiast and the owner of a 1969 Pontiac Firebird 400 since 2003, one of only 4600 built. He is also an avid motorsport enthusiast. Alex builds, repairs, and races Yamaha Super jet Jet-Ski’s on the Pro Water cross tour since 2016. He is sponsored by RM racing and Hurricane racing. Alex is an exceptional addition to the Auto Arts Team


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